Arunachal Lakshmi Lottery Sambad Result 2 PM

Arunachal Lakshmi Lottery Result October, 17.10.2021, Sunday

Arunachal Lakshmi

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Results 

Arunachal Lakshmi | 2:00 PM | October 2021

2:00 PM Result

Arunachal Lakshmi Lottery Result Details

Arunachal Lakshmi Lottery Promo
Arunachal LakshmiPrizePrice Rs.60/-
Draw Number165
Draw Date17-10-2021, Sunday
1st Prize200000/-926587
2nd Prize100000/-47692
3rd Prize50000/-6886
4th Prize50000/-5163
5th Prize25000/-368
6th Prize10000/-715
7th Prize5000/-194
8th Prize1000/-86
Arunachal Lakshmi Prize Detail

Here is the Result 2:00 PM

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