How to write an article on WordPress | 4 Easy Steps

If you want to share your knowledge with the world while also making money, you should write an article on WordPress. However, you don’t know where to begin with your first WordPress article.

It can be challenging to create your first WordPress article, especially if you are a beginner.

How to Begin a WordPress Article, To assist you in doing so, we’ve written this post to show you how to create your first WordPress article without any coding experience.

Once you’ve built up your article according to your instructions, you may start making money online by sharing your knowledge with WordPress. Free web hosting is available in India. In this article, we will discuss what an article is and how to profit from one.

What does it take to create an article, what WordPress setup is advised, and how can you increase traffic to your article? How Do I Make a WordPress Article?

How to write an article is now incredibly simple; using one of the most popular article writing platforms, such as WordPress, you can write an article in under 10 minutes, with no coding knowledge required.

WordPress is one of the most extensively used and popular article writing tools on the planet. Because it is a free desktop WordPress plugin that is basic and easy to use.

That is simple to administer a website, and it does not require any technical knowledge.

What Is An Article?

What is an Article

How to Create an Article on WordPress in 2021

An article is a type of website where you may get the content and information for each item you’re looking for in reverse chronological order.

For example, if I search on Google for the finest WordPress hosting, it will display the content that will be produced by many Articles, as well as service providers such as Bluehost, HostGator, Dream Host, and others.

How can you make money from Article writing?

Earn Money

How to create an Article on WordPress

Many people are joining the Article writing platform these days with one goal in mind: to make money online by sharing their skills and expertise.

Your article might make you over $1,000 every month. Some of the ways to profit from your article include:

  • Promotion: Using Google’s Adsense platform, you may place Google advertising on your website and make money from a specific source.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You’ll need it to deliver the best items and services to your Article readers while also earning a commission when they buy them. In India, blue hosting offers unlimited hosting.
  • The product’s sale, which you may use to sell your own products, reach a larger audience, and earn money.

Your article can be a source of passive income, allowing you to earn money while you sleep. For their minimal writing talents, tens of thousands of Articlegers earn over $10,000 every month.

How to Launch and Write Your First WordPress Article?

Article Writing Tips

Starting an article isn’t difficult. If you select the appropriate utensils and hosting for your first article, it will be simple to publish your article without error or omission. Before you begin writing an article, you’ll need to gather some essential items that will assist you in creating an effective article on WordPress.

Things You’ll Need in 2021 to Start a WordPress Article:

  • Article Topic/Function: Choose a topic for your article (According to your interest). For instance, skill, news, and fashion.
  • Domain Tag: For your Article, choose a tag that is related to your topic. A domain name is the address of your article that visitors will use to access it. For instance,
  • Web Hosting that is both quick and secure: A web hosting service provides you with a secure area for your website, where all of your website’s data is saved and accessed whenever a visitor comes to your article.
  • Your website’s performance and speed are entirely dependent on your hosting service. As a result, we recommend that you utilize a fast and secure web hosting service like Bluehost or host your own website.
  • Check out our specialist articles, such as choosing a domain name for your Article with the best WordPress hosting providers for your Article, for more information on how to choose a domain name and what is the best web hosting for your Article.We cover the entire process of how to create a WordPress Article in 2020 with four simple steps

Step 1: Get a domain name

Step 2: Get a domain name and a hosting company connected

Step 3: Install WordPress

Step 4: Customize your WordPress Article

Follow these four simple steps to make a successful start to your WordPress Article, regardless of the type of Article you want to create, whether it’s for an official website or for personal use.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business and talk about the procedures involved in launching your WordPress article.

Step 1: Find a Domain Name


Choosing a domain name is simple and straightforward; however, it is critical to select a domain name that is simple to type and remember.

You can use several resources, such as a domain name generator, to find the ideal domain name for your Article.

Thousands of free domains relevant to your Article topic are provided by the domain and article name generator.

The domain name will be the Internet address for your article. For instance, if you want your article to appear on your website, your domain name is your address.

A domain name registration will cost you around $8.99 per year, and the domain registrar’s name is Namecheap.

But don’t worry, getting a domain name for free isn’t a “trap,” as we’ll explain in the next step.

After you’ve registered your domain name, you’ll need to choose a file extension for your Article post. In this scenario, we recommend that you go with domain extension.

The title of your article is easily remembered by the viewers. That’s it. You can specify a domain extension, such as if. org, if the “com” extension is not available.

Step 2: Connect Domain Name with Hosting

How to create an Article on WordPress in 2021

After you’ve chosen the right domain name, you’ll need a reliable and secure web hosting service to aid in the development of your WordPress article.

Web hosting is used to provide an online place where all of the articles and data can be saved. Your hosting server will display some of their positions when a visitor comes to your article by inputting their name or the name of the user

If you get hosting from Bluehost, it will cost you roughly $3.95 per year. There are numerous hosting firms available, but how can you choose the finest web hosting for your needs?

To avoid any misunderstanding, we’ve compiled a list of the best web hosting companies that are frequently suggested by WordPress.

Take a look at this post to learn everything there is to know about web hosting services.

Because you’re a beginner, we recommend Bluehost, which offers a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and a 50% discount on all hosting for our Article readers.

Bluehost is one of the world’s most well-known and dependable hosting companies.

They have the capacity to hold over 2 million articles on the Internet. Bluehost has suggested that you use WordPress to develop a successful WordPress article.

Go to Bluehost and click on “Get Started” to get started with your WordPress article.

On the following screen, you must select a web hosting service for your Article. You can choose a package that includes a free domain and a free SSL certificate if you’re a beginner.

If you expect to establish more than one Article in the next few years, the “plus” plan, which allows you to host an unlimited number of websites, is a good option.

Alternatively, if you want your Article to become more popular, you can simply improve your hosting plan. Now, go to More information about the web hosting plans you’re interested in.

Now that you’ve decided on a hosting plan, the next step is to register a new domain name for free, or if you already own one, simply add it to your account.

We applaud you for registering a new domain name. Because it’s free and will help you save time on technical tasks.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to fill out some basic information in order to create your Bluehost account. You may also register with your Google account for a more relaxed experience.

Roll down the page after providing your basic information to review your idea’s details, length, and pricing.

Depending on your demands, you can choose a plan that lasts 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. Optional extras like domain name privacy and code guard will increase your overall charge. As a result, because they aren’t essential, you can uncheck them.

Note: If you choose a 36-month plan, you will receive a significant discount on our plan.

After that, you can read the specifics of your plan and input your payment information by scrolling to the bottom. You must accept the General Terms and Conditions as well as Bluehost’s terms and conditions before clicking “Submit.”

After you’ve successfully purchased a hosting plan and a Bluehost account, you can now connect your domain name to your hosting account.

Following that, you’ll need to create a password for your hosting account. Then, at your registered e-mail address, you will receive new hosting information, including your login ID for the Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel).

Step 3: Install WordPress On Your Article Website

Because we have Bluehost hosting, there is no need for you to manually install WordPress because Bluehost is the default.

After you’ve completed the Bluehost signup procedure, you’ll be ready to go. To install WordPress for your Article post automatically. All you have to do is include it in the article’s title, description, tagline, and choose an article theme.

You may want to include a subject in the bill at this stage, as it allows you to include your theme, the title of the article, a description, and so on. When you want it to be when you want it to be.

Save or remember the administrator user name and password during the WordPress installation process. Because logging in to your WordPress account requires a user name and password.

Step 4: Set Up Your WordPress Article Website

Simply connect to your WordPress account to set up or manage your WordPress article. You may log in to your WordPress account by typing wp-admin and the domain name into your browser’s address bar.

The following is how your WordPress login URL will appear: Enter admin as the user name and smoking as the password on the login screen, as well as an e-mail from your hosting provider.

It’s simple to modify the look and feel of your Article now that you’re logged in to your WordPress account. Simply navigate to the Appearance area, choose a suitable theme for your WordPress Article, and install it.

WordPress has thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from while creating an article. Alternatively, if you want additional customization options, you may buy the premium version of them.

Following the construction of the Article’s appearance, the next step in improving the Article is to provide options for the reader, such as a contact form and social sharing functionality.

Thousands of free plug-ins (apps) are available in WordPress that may be used to add a number of sophisticated features to your Article without requiring any coding experience.

Using the plugin’s parameters from the WordPress admin panel, you can make it easy to search and install free WordPress plugins, just like you can with WordPress.

To install a new plug-in, go to the “Add New Plugins” page and search for the appropriate plugin using the search box. When the plugin appears on the screen, click “Install Now” followed by “Activate.”


Because you’re new to plug-ins and don’t know what you’re doing. Check out our top ten list of free WordPress plugins to help you build your article more quickly.

That’s it; you’ve just finished creating your first WordPress article post. To attract traffic, all you have to do now is publish engaging Article posts.

When your WordPress article begins to get more visitors, you may begin to monetize it and earn money from it.

There have been millions of popular Articles, such as WPBeginner and ShoutMeLoud, that have earned more than a million dollars in a single year of writing. So why not give it a shot?

If you’d want to learn more about how to make money from article posts, please leave a comment below and tell me what you’d like to see on the article to make money. We’ll write an article just for you.

We hope that this instruction will make it easy for you to get started with running a WordPress article.

If this piece was helpful to you, please like it and share it on your article site. Have a good time with the article!

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